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You've probably heard about the Amazing 12 Week LEHB Fitness Challenge going on right now. Well, we are now opening it up to all Philadelphia Police Officers and their SPOUSES!!!

This Individual and Team Challenge gives you multiple tools to get into the best shape of your life:

- Ultrasound Bodyfat Analysis (At the Beginning and End)
- A Personalized Exercise Program designed by Damien Young - (Your program will be based on your fitness level, your goals, WHERE you plan on exercising, any injuries, etc)
- A Fitness App that shows you how to do the exercises in your program
- An 8 Step Nutrition Guide developed just for Police Officers
- The option of working out at a location convenient for you, (Including your home!)
- Opportunities to earn points both individually and as a team
- Have fun, lose fat, build muscle and have a chance to win an Amazing Prize!

If you want to get a jump on registration, you can fill out the form below:


LEHB Fitness Challenge


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